Case Studies



  • Sales Process and Enablement

o   With a plethora of websites, disjointed processes, tools and methodologies, sales effectiveness was hampered.  Developed one process driven by the customer buying process, worked across organizations to align the content, tools and resources with the process, and led site development.  Initial results indicate a 25% reduction in time spent looking for relevant information to prepare for calls.

  • Sales Guide Optimization

o   Streamline sales website providing only essential content required to effectively sell; developed quality processes for on-going improvement and created recommendations for sustained growth.

  • Sales Information Systems

o   Three companies merged, necessitating the integration of the systems and content into one sales information system

  • US Sales Productivity

o   Delivered the most critical sales information to 1,500 internal and 2,000 channel partners in cost effective, easy-to-manage sites to increase sales and bolster productivity.  Ran advisory board to ensure relevancy, established new processes to maintain fresh content, implemented content management system developed, and reported metrics for key constituents.

  • Worldwide Sales Enablement

o   Sales was challenged with the inability to get timely information, tools and content needed to progress effectively through the sales cycle. Prepared gap analysis, assessed information quality and methods for delivering quality sales information. Worked closely with all functions to coordinate sales, training, sales operations, marketing, support and IT, and custom tailored each deployment for each individual region worldwide. Involved key sales leaders to ensure rapid adoption.


  • Content Supply Chain

o   Create efficient content supply chain for lead generation. Determined internal and external value creation process, led online tool development, and established benchmarks for initial pilot for a global software firm.

  • Digital Asset Management

o   Lower costs, encourage reuse and enhance brand consistency by driving worldwide implementation of a digital asset management system, including technology, training and change processes.

  • Clean Energy Innovation

o   Brand New England as clean energy innovation hub by conducting primary research substantiating robust ecosystem.

  • Sales Enablement branding

o   Rebrand newly emerging sales enablement firm with consistent and effective messaging


  • Global Channel Portals

o   Increase channel sales and improve vendor reputation by providing relevant selling information via global portal and newsletters for enterprise software firm.

o  Orchestrated delivery of compelling and consistent content to 12 country portals.

  • Channel Communication Strategy

o   Ramp global software company’s move to the SMB market. Created, with Capgemini, the global channels communication strategy, information flow, infrastructure and content management requirements


  • Consultative Sales Training

o   Improve prospecting skills by synthesizing consultative training into tools for inside and direct sales.

  • Industry Sales Training Solutions

o   Shift sales focus from product to customer-based strategies.  Developed interactive case-based, real-life training to step inside the shoes of their customers, align value and to authentically address their business issues