Our services help you increase profitable sales by creating and implementing the processes, technology and change management necessary to increase your revenue and decrease your costs, thereby making an immediate improvement in your bottom line.  We:

  • Harness the knowledge, both inside and outside the company, and make it readily available to support the sales conversation
  • Develop programs which align marketing with sales, with a focus on the customer’s buying process
  • Ensure that buyers can clearly envision how your offerings will help them achieve their business goals

 Services Offerings


  • Current sales, channels and marketing enablement strategy
  • Challenges that keep salespeople from spending more quality time with their customers/prospects
  • Sales tools and resources
  • Gaps in tools, process, training and content, including messaging
  • Quality, timeliness and usefulness of sales information
  • Sales information flow and sales process


  • Effectiveness of current sales tools and process
  • Organizational, process and structural issues
  • Content sources and reusability
  • Reusability of information and tools for all sales channels
  • Feedback from customers and establish advisory boards to ensure effectiveness


  • Sales process, based on customer buying process
  • Relevant, customer-focused and cogent sales information
  • Content, tools and training mapped to the buying/selling process
  • Curricula and training materials
  • Baseline measurement


  • Organizational/structural changes to support new processes
  • Best practices
  • Technology vendors
  • Pilot strategy
  • Business processes for maintaining compelling current content


  • Tools, training, measurement and information flow
  • Recommendations and lead worldwide implementation
  • Best practices, reassess and improve

For information on our services please feel free to contact us for a personal response to any questions you have.