Sales Enablement: The Reality of Complexity

February 8, 2011 by Vanessa 

Over coffee with a friend yesterday, Lore recounted how she had just landed an executive level sales enablement position at a global mid-sized software firm.  She said it was exhilarating, yet exhausting, as in one day she interviewed with 8 people from different organizations across the company.  She intensely prepared questions for and from marketing, sales, sales operations, training, IT, HR, product marketing, and channels.  In each interview she had to understand the world from their perspective, paint an overall picture of how their organization would contribute to increased sales success, and of course develop the right rapport to garner their support for her candidacy.

Yes, the process was grueling, but what it says about Lore’s new company is worthy of note.  Companies are recognizing that a systemic view is the very essence of a best-in-class sales enablement environment.   This software firm knew that it isn’t just one organization, or even 2 or 3 that are critical to enabling their sales force to sell more effectively.  Each organization that touches sales has to be invested in the overall success to develop a consistent sales enablement mindset.  

It is a complex business and there are many issues to solve.  What do sales organizations require to be successful?  How does a company enable their organization to make these changes?  What role does each organization play in the success of sales and how are they held accountable?  How and when do you measure success?

These issues and others will be addressed at the upcoming Forrester Sales Enablement Forum.  I am looking forward to sharing these insights from the Forum with Lore as she begins her new role and I wish her the most success!

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