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Partners In Productivity specializes in increasing sales and channel effectiveness by delivering high-quality information about products and services to improve performance. We boost productivity by creating and implementing systems that align marketing with sales and focus on the customers' buying process.

Why Sales Productivity Matters

To compete and win, it is critical to harness to knowledge, resources, and experience of the company for the salesperson, as well as other customer touchpoints, throughout the whole buying cycle. Making it easy for sales to access the critical information... Read More

The Challenge

The business of sales has fundamentally changed: Margins have shrunk, the buyer is in control of the process, and there are fewer resources to navigate the increased complexity of the B2B selling world. In addition to these transformations is the issue of exponentially... Read More

Our Value

We help you make your sales force and channels more effective by providing the critical sales information when they need it. As a result, more time is spent meeting with higher quality prospects, positioning services and solutions in a way that conveys... Read More

Sales Process Mirrors Customer Buying Process

How does one put a structure around the complexity of today's fast-paced, sophisticated selling environment? This chart from SiriusDecisions shows how the sales cycle is mapped to the buying cycle illustrates that as the sales person moves the opportunity forward, the more sophisticated the information and resources are... Read More

Sales and Marketing Blog


My Top Take-Aways: Forrester Sales Enablement Forum

The energy was palpable among the 250 sales enablement professionals at the... Read more

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